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Lakmé Cosmetics



Lakme is the Indian womans Beauty Sutra inspiring expression of her uniquebeauty and sensuality.Lakme brings expert products and services that are borne outof true understanding of the needs of the Indian woman. They help the Indianwoman in expression of her best self ± sensual, original, expressive, alive andintuitive. Lakme inspires her to unleash the potency of her femininity, beauty andsensuality

Key facts

Lakme was the first major beauty brand in India and takes pride in being the experton Indian Beauty for over 50 years. It is complete beauty brand spanning colour cosmetics, skin care & hair styling products and extending to beauty servicesthrough the network of Lakme Beauty Salons. Its bond with beauty and fashion ismanifested through the Lakme Fashion Week, which is now the largest fashionevent of its kind in the country. Lakme has a foot print of over 1200 assisted salesoutlets, which is the largest span of outlets with 
Beauty Advisors´ in the country.

Our vision

Unilever products touch the lives of over 2 billion people every day ± whether that’s through feeling great because they’ve got shiny hair and a brilliant smile,keeping their homes fresh and clean, or by enjoying a great cup of tea, satisfyingmeal or healthy snack.
A clear direction
The four pillars of our vision set out the long term direction for the company where we want to go and how we are going to get there:
  • We work to create a better future every day
  • We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brandsand services that are good for them and good for others.
  • We will inspire people to take small everyday actions that can add up to abig difference for the world
  • We will develop new ways of doing business that will allow us to double thesize of our company while reducing our environmental impact.

Purpose & principles

Our corporate purpose states that to succeed requires “the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch,and the environment on which we have an impact.”

Always working with integrity

Conducting our operations with integrity and with respect for the many people,organisations and environments our business touches has always been at the heartof our corporate responsibility.

Positive impact

We aim to make a positive impact in many ways: through our brands, our commercial operations and relationships, through voluntary contributions, andthrough the various other ways in which we engage with society.

 Continuous commitment

We’re also committed to continuously improving the way we manage our environmental impacts and are working towards our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business.

 Setting out our aspirations

Our corporate purpose sets out our aspirations in running our business. It’sunderpinned by our code of business Principles which describes the operationalstandards that everyone at Unilever follows, wherever they are in the world. Thecode also supports our approach to governance and corporate responsibility.

Working with others

We want to work with suppliers who have values similar to our own and work tothe same standards we do. Our Business partner code, aligned to our own
Code of business principles, comprises ten principles covering business integrity andresponsibilities relating to employees, consumers and the environment.

Why was the cosmetics company named Lakme?



Way back in the early 1950s, an economic survey of spending in India revealed that Indian women were splurging on imported cosmetics. Nehru was not very happy because it was affecting the forex reserves. Maintaining the forex reserves was of utmost importance considering the fact that Indian economy was still in its nascent stage. Nehru hit upon the idea of a home grown beauty brand which would cater to cosmetic needs of Indian women.

(Although some sources claim that Nehru took up this issue because a certain women’s association approached him to put forward their concerns about non-availability of affordable beauty products. But having studied about Nehru’s visions and views, I am of the opinion that he had considered beauty products as luxury and would have never spent any time/effort to satisfy those women’s luxurious needs. Instead, he took up the issue because it was affecting forex and related to the economy. Banning such products was impossible in a democracy, so starting an Indian company was the only solution.)

It was a challenge of its kind because it had to fulfill the needs of “Indian skin” in which foreign brands fell short and at the same time, have a brand identity which would appeal to the upper middle class women who were really the ones splurging on expensive foreign branded cosmetics.
Nehru knew that only JRD Tata had the passion and entrepreneurship skills to tackle the above challenges and personally requested him to come up with a solution, which he readily accepted.


Doing market research to find out the needs of Indian women and hiring experts & chemical engineers from the beauty industry was not really a challenge for JRD but coming up with a brand identity certainly was. Finally, after giving it a lot of thought, he named it “Lakmé” after the French Opera.

The reason he chose this particular French opera name was because “Lakmé” derives its name from Sanskrit for “Lakshmi”, the goddess of wealth and epitome of beauty. It was the perfect name for the company as it was actually bringing wealth to the nation (by saving precious forex), could correlate itself very well with the beautiful Goddess and it appealed well to upper middle class women due to its videshi sounding name (“Lakshmi lipstick” or “Lakshmi eyeliner” would have sounded very desi).

That was the kind of thought process which went into any job which JRD Tata took up and the results were always exemplary. Lakme was started in 1952 as a 100% subsidiary of Tata oil mill. It was a hugely successful brand and the rest is history. In 1996, Tata sold its stake in Lakme to HLL since it felt that HLL being an FMCG company will do better justice to the company and HLL have continued to efficiently nurture the brainchild of JRD. A recent survey ranked Lakme to be one of the top 50 most trusted brands in India.

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Make-up should enhance your natural beauty, but also give you freedom to express your individual, radiant personality. We offer the best on-trend beauty picks and essentials such as mascaras, lipsticks, blushes, and foundations, everyday cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips and nails, plus shades that suit everyone and every look. Whether seasonal basics or inspirational colour combinations, it’s easy to shop our new products – all to look beautiful from morning to night.

About Oriflame

While our vision is to be the #1 Beauty Company Selling Direct, our mission has always been to fulfil dreams, for people all over the world.


Togetherness, Spirit and Passion are our core values that make Oriflame so unique. Trusting these values gives us the confidence to succeed in a competitive business while at the same time helping to make the world a better place.

Togetherness is about people who work together and share the same goals to achieve greater results. They motivate each other and know that pulling together is more rewarding than going it alone.

Spirit is about people who have a can-do spirit, a winning attitude and never give up. They are committed to do what it takes to succeed.

Passion is about passionate people who have the power to change the world. They love what they do, they believe in it. They know deep down that they can make a difference.


Oriflame’s brand promise of Your Dreams – Our Inspiration™ is deeply rooted in our history and heritage. During our 45-year history, we have always been dedicated to inspire and offer people the opportunity to achieve their dreams through our unique business concept. Your Dreams – Our Inspiration™ is a manifestation of our commitment to our clients and consultants; their dreams play a large role in developing our new beauty products and inspiring programmes that help to develop their own business.

We believe in dreams. A dream is individual and personal. Dreams and goals are beautiful and important. Oriflame is, and always has been about fulfilling dreams. This is what we do. Every day. For people all over the world. Are you a dreamer? Do you have goals? Welcome.

We believe in beauty. Your beauty is as personal as your dreams. Through our unique beauty products created in Sweden we have given millions of people the opportunity to change their lives for the better. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you are ready to reach for your dreams.

We believe in you. Our work starts with your dreams. They are our inspiration. We encourage individuals to dream, to set their own goals. And we are a partner along the way. Our culture is based on respect for and belief in others. We listen to you. Together we create a global network of beauty and making dreams come true. Do you want to fulfil your dreams? We do.


With more than 40 years experience, over 100 scientists and state of the art R&D facilities, we at Oriflame are constantly searching for better solutions and technologies in order to create more progressive, innovative products that are consistently on-trend and meet consumer’s needs.

An Oriflame product’s life begins at our Skin Research Institute, where sophisticated science is used to create unique and sometimes-patented technologies that give us the leading edge on our competitors. These new technologies are then passed on to the scientists in our Product Development Centre in Dublin, Ireland, whose role it is to create a cosmetic formula that fits within an existing Oriflame brand or has the potential to begin a new one, bringing it to manufacture and enabling its sales. Most importantly, though, their role is to create a product that you will love and enjoy using.

Product Philosophy

Our products are created for you. We find tremendous inspiration in your beauty dreams – and we want to help you realise them.  Here’s how.

We develop products our own way. Our products are always created in Sweden and inspired by people around the world. We take an innovative and creative approach when developing products. We use the best of science and design and are always in pace with the latest trends and fashion. And we never compromise on quality, safety or value for money.

Nature has a special place in the heart of Oriflame. We were one of the first companies to develop products with ingredients sourced directly from nature. Today, nature and ingredients from nature continue to play an important part in our product portfolio.

Developing great products means doing so in a responsible way. We aim to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We are embracing ingredients, formulations as well as manufacturing and packaging systems that build in sustainability from the beginning.

To create a wide assortment for everyone and every occasion, we focus on nature, science, trends, wellbeing and on launching new products every month. In short, we develop products to offer the latest beauty for everyone. Products inspired by the many dreams. We even made it a promise: Your Dreams, Our Inspiration.

Responsibility for Animal Welfare

Since its foundation in 1967, Oriflame has been a pioneer in developing beauty products inspired by the wisdom of nature and the best of science.  Our commitment to the environment and respect for natural materials and resources is a cherished part of our heritage and a cornerstone of the Oriflame culture. At the heart of this is Oriflame’s commitment to animal welfare.

  • Oriflame Cosmetics is committed to supplying safe, efficacious, innovative products that comply with the most stringent international regulatory requirements.
  • To substantiate the safety of our products and to ensure their compliance with the highest safety standards, Oriflame’s product safety testing is carried out on human volunteers by independent specialist laboratories under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. Safety tests are only conducted on consenting healthy volunteers (18 years of age minimum) following a detailed review of the product formulation by our team of experts. Clinical testing for cosmetic products is now standard industry practice and accepted as a safe and ethical alternative to animal testing.
  • Oriflame was among the first in the industry to reject animal testing. We made this choice when Oriflame was founded in 1967 and we continue to stand firmly behind this principle.
  • Oriflame does not conduct or request animal testing to substantiate the safety or efficacy of any of its products or ingredients at any stage of the product development process.
  • However, Oriflame must abide by the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates and some countries require test data gained through animal testing in order to legally register the products in that market. Where this applies, we supply complete product registration information including a full safety assessment in line with the requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation. This should negate the need for any animal testing and we make every effort to persuade the relevant authorities to accept this data. Where we cannot do so, we must reluctantly submit the products for additional testing, which may include animal testing.
  • Oriflame has always been an advocate of alternative test methods and employs the latest in-vitro test methods (non-animal) for those tests that could cause injury or suffering to the volunteers (e.g. eye irritancy).
  • We are, through our representation on the European Cosmetic Trade Association, Cosmetics Europe, actively supporting work to change local laws to bring them into closer alignment with European regulations. Only by remaining active and engaged in these countries can we hope to influence a change in animal testing policy.
  • Research & Development

    Oriflame has over 45 years experience in producing beauty products, combining the best natural ingredients with the latest scientific research. Our accumulated knowledge and experience has been gathered into one dedicated Research & Development team which is in two locations, Dublin, Ireland and Stockholm, Sweden.

    All together, our Research & Development function employs over a hundred scientists and technical experts, covering many scientific disciplines including formulation science, skin research, clinical testing, process development, packaging technology, microbiology, toxicology, environmental science, patent support, and global regulatory affairs.

    In Dublin, the focus is on product development. Our experts develop and clinically test high performance formulations, while providing technical support in the areas of regulatory affairs, product safety and industrialisation. These projects are short to medium term (1 to 3 years), delivering technology and innovative new products into the skin care, colour, fragrance and personal care categories.

    In Stockholm, our experts work on skin research projects aimed at generating Oriflame’s next unique technologies primarily for our high value skin care category.  These projects are at a cellular/biological level, and are longer term (3 to 7 years).


    R&D Movie

    Visit our Research and Development facility and get a taste of what goes on Behind the Scenes, or go further to Select and Discover your area of interest.
    Visit R&D

    Questions about our products

    In our FAQ section you can find the answer to the most frequently askedechnical questions about our product development.

    Product Development

    Product Development

    Since its foundation in 1967, Oriflame has been a pioneer in developing beauty products inspired by the wisdom of nature and the best of science. Today Oriflame offers 950 cosmetic products at any given time, almost one half of which are newly introduced each year. Each product is extensively tested in Oriflame laboratories to ensure optimum safety, efficacy and quality. Our commitment to the environment and respect for natural materials and resources is a cherished part of our heritage and a cornerstone of the Oriflame culture.

    Our core competencies embrace a wide range of technologies and products, with the accent placed squarely on delivering innovative, high performance formulations with proven scientific consumer benefits. Our products comply with the most stringent international regulatory requirements, and are of the highest safety, ethical and environmental integrity.

    Having an in-house Research and Development centre provides Oriflame greater flexibility over product development in line with our Natural and Swedish heritage, ensuring delivery of the highest standard product in the shortest possible time.

    Product range

    Skin Care

    Whatever your age or skin type Oriflame has a range of innovative skin care products based on the wisdom of nature and the best of science. Developed and tested by our Skin Care Research Centre in Ireland, Oriflame Skin Care offers proven, effective solutions to your everyday skin care needs.
    Read more about Skin Care

    Colour Cosmetics

    The world of colour cosmetics is not only about colours. Oriflame’s approach is to enhance every woman’s natural beauty. Our portfolio offers a wide and sophisticated range of products with enhanced formulations and trendy packaging.  We have products t0 suit every woman, every mood and every style.
    Read more about Colour Cosmetics


    Oriflame offers a qualitative and wide fragrance portfolio ranging from exclusive to the more moderately priced. All fragrances are developed in France, the heart of perfumery, to ensure superior quality, innovation and performance.
    Read more about Fragrances

    Personal & Hair Care

    Personal Care  includes body care, oral hygiene, foot care, hand care, sun care and even baby care. Our extensive and high performance hair and body care products offer you a variety of ranges to meet your daily needs. They are based on or inspired by natural ingredients to make you feel clean, refreshed, healthy and relaxed.
    Read more about Personal & Hair Care


    From hair brushes to handbags, sunglasses to sandals, toothbrushes to teddy bears, make up bags to manicure sets, sarongs to scarves, candles to combs, not to mention belts, pedicure sets, towels, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, toilet bags and seasonal gifts, Oriflame has them all and much, much more!
    Read more about Accessories


    Beauty is not just skin deep, it comes from within.
    Wellness by Oriflame has been carefully designed in partnership with Swedish scientists and nutritional experts to bring innovative, safe and high quality wellness products that will protect your skin´s natural beauty and help you achieve top performance.
    Read more about Wellness by Oriflame

    How to buy

    How to buy our products

    Our products are sold exclusively through a global network of independent Oriflame Consultants. You can order products in three different ways:

    • Become a Consultant
      Whether you only want to order products for yourself and your family or start selling our products to others, you can register to become a Consultant and get a discount on the catalogue prices. Visit you local Oriflame website to find out more.
    • Become a Customer
      You can place your order through one of our many Consultants.
      They will be able to give you advice, show product samples and answer your questions about our products and how to use them.
      Visit your local Oriflame website to find a Consultant close to you.
    • Order directly
      In some of our markets you can place three orders directly with Oriflame and try our products before you decide if you want to become a Consultant. To find out if this is applicable in your market, visit your local Oriflame website.